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Daily Reading

April 23, 2017
Genesis 49-50; Exodus 1

God knows the end from the beginning. He has given His chosen ones the privilege to see and speak of what is to happen before it occurs. Jacob called his sons and told them what would happen to them in the future. Reuben was to have excellent dignity and power but he was not going to excel because he had committed adultery with his father's wife. Simeon and Levi were to be divided and scattered in Israel because in anger, they had committed atrocities. Joseph was to be fruitful because he maintained his integrity when all his brothers turned against him. Jacob attached kingship to Judah (which means "Praise") when he saw him as a lion. He said that the sceptre (kingship symbol) shall not depart from Judah until Shiloh (Jesus the Messiah) comes. Zebulun and Asher were to have a good future and the other sons would just lead ordinary lives. All this happened just as their father Jacob had said. The Lord Jesus Christ, the king of Israel, was born into the tribe of Judah one thousand nine hundred years later. The kingship of the Lord Jesus Christ is an everlasting kingship in His everlasting kingdom of God. God knows your beginning and He also knows your future. In Christ Jesus your future is brighter than the sun. Believe it and remain blessed.