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Daily Reading

August 27, 2016
2 Samuel 20-22

King David was a righteous man who knew how to praise the LORD his God. He had his own share of tribulations but he lived in victory. When his son Absalom wanted to forcibly takeover from him, people joined him and turned against king David. After Absalom's revolt was abruptly extinguished, the same people changed their minds to favour king David. King David was wise enough not to put his confidence in man. The tribe of Judah wanted to show off their allegiance to king David and became possessive of him. Israel and Judah parted company and then things went from bad to worse. Outdo one another in showing honour but avoid showing off. People will support and follow you when things are going well but do not be surprised if they turn their back on you when your circumstances change. Do not allow a vote of confidence to give you a false sense of security. Let the Lord be your confidence. For both the righteous and the unrighteous will experience troubles, tribulations, trials and testing. The righteous live in victory through praise because they trust in the Lord but the unrighteous disintegrates in defeat. Praise the Lord, live righteously in victory and remain blessed.