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Daily Reading

March 21, 2018
Job 34-36

Elihu, the youngest of all the men that came to see Job in his distress, had begun to speak on the behalf of God. He had listened very carefully to Job and his friends and he had things to say which neither supported Job nor his friends. In Job's defence against the attacks of his friends, he had inadvertently spoken iniquitous words which Elihu had picked up. Job had said that he was innocent and that there was no iniquity in him. Job, in the bitterness of his heart told his friends including Elihu, "I am righteous, but God has taken away my justice; should I lie concerning my right? My wound is incurable, though I am without transgression. It profits a man nothing that he should delight in God." These words were grossly incorrect and Elihu contested them against Job. He condemned Job for his self-righteousness as he proclaimed the goodness and the majesty of God. Job then realised that he was nothing compare to God. No matter how righteous we may have been or how good we have thought ourselves to be, in comparison to God's goodness and righteousness, we will appear abysmally fowl. Let us ascribe greatness to God and bless Him who alone is altogether good and righteous. If you agree, you are blessed and will remain blessed.