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Daily Reading

September 26, 2016
Amos 7-9

The LORD showed Amos swarms of locusts appearing at the beginning of the late crop and they ate all the grass of the land. Amos pleaded with God to forgive Israel and not to send the locusts and He relented. Then the LORD God showed him that He was going to cause conflict by fire and it consumed the great deep and devoured the territory. Amos prayed again and the LORD relented. Then the LORD showed Amos a plumb line and said that He would not pardon the transgressions of His people anymore. He told Amos the places of pagan worship would become desolate, that the holy places of Israel would be laid waste and the LORD would rise with a sword against Jeroboam's house. He would do this because because Jeroboam had led the whole nation astray into idol worship. God said He would bring a great disaster on Israel for their transgressions and there would be no escape. He declared the word of God would not be heard anymore in the land of Israel. However, God said He loved Israel and would eventually restore them again and bring them back to their land. In their future they would have abundance of everything good. You too can have abundance of everything good without unnecessary punishment. Learn from Israel; avoid idol worship, be faithful to God, walk humbly with Him, be filled with His glory and remain blessed.