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Daily Reading

May 28, 2018
Daniel 12, Hosea 1 & 2

Gabriel, the messenger of God, declared to Daniel that his people were going to have a time of trouble such as they had never experienced before, but everyone whose name had been written in the book would be delivered. In the end, the dead shall be raised; some to everlasting life and the rest to everlasting destruction. The wise will shine like the sun, that is, those who turn many to righteousness. They will be like stars forever. The unfaithful will not go unpunished by the LORD as they failed to do His will. Judah and Israel had failed God many times but He showed mercy to His people so that they might repent and avoid the wrath of God. He came in human flesh to save mankind from the power of Satan. The reason the Lord Jesus gave you the Holy Spirit when you were born again was to enable you to do His will and to witness to Him in order to turn people to righteousness. If you are not witnessing to the Lord Jesus with both your life and your words, you are walking away from everlasting life. When you win souls for the Lord Jesus you are wise and you will shine and remain blessed.